Making of… The New Product Catalogue

We just had a blast photoshooting for our new product catalogue. The process of editing, redesigning and renewing our product catalogue has started.


© Florian Voggeneder

There have been lots of changes relating to hardware, software and accessories. Furthermore, we are proud to present three of our new systems based on brain-computer interface (BCI) technology in the catalogue: mindBEAGLE, recoveriX and cortiQ are growing and developing to push each patient’s and physician’s benefits to the next level and to get the best out of state-of-the-art technology. The new catalogue is due to come out in May 2016. In the meanwhile you can download our current catalogue here.

product catalogue

Tens of thousands of people have been diagnosed with Disorder of Consciousness (DOC) due to traumatic brain injury or other causes, and are not able to communicate. mindBEAGLE could restore their ability to communicate again.
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RecoveriX aims to help people recover movement after a stroke. This system provides an effective training via direct real-time feedback (visua and functional electrical stimulation). Repeated neurofeedback training increases the plasticity of the brain and leads to a faster and more efficient recovery.
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cortiQ allows rapid functional mapping of the cortex using the electrocorticogram (ECoG). It provides physicians with real-time results during pre-surgical evaluation for epilepsy or other conditions. This reduces the risk of affecting basic eloquent brain functions and minimizes the burden for the patient.
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Outtakes and Selfies

Our photoshooting for the new product catalogue was quite a success, and a lot of fun. Have a look behind the scenes of g.tec…


In the gym we shot photos from recoveriX, and created some very artful product pictures of the wireless g.Nautilus with 64 g.LADYbird electrodes and g.GAMMAsys with 128 g.SCARABEO electrodes.


The operating room was a highlight for everyone.

“How often do you get the chance to be in there without being the patient?”

said Miguel, one of our models.




© Florian Voggeneder


© Florian Voggeneder