g.EYEtracking Interface for EyeLink 1000 Plus

The g.EYEtracking Interface for Simulink, recently developed for EyeLink 1000 plus, provides a block for acquiring binocular gaze position and gaze diameter of the SR EyeLink 1000 Plus eye- tracking systems.

Figure 1: g. Eyetracking Interface for EyeLink 1000 Plus.

The EyeLink system consists of a Host PC with an EyeLink camera system connected to it. The Host PC samples the gaze with up to 1000 Hz and provides the acquired data to a Display PC via TCP/IP. The Display PC is running the experiment and visualizes the eye- tracking data.

Figure 2: 8 channels of EEG data and eye-gaze information of both eyes recorded with g.HIsys. The Simulink model gave the user the task to look at every corner of the screen.

The g.EYEtracking Interface for Simulink for EyeLink 1000 plus software is running on a 3rd PC, the Data Acquisition PC. This PC uses the data connection between the Host PC and the Display PC to acquire the eye tracker data or the EyeLink eye tracker using a so-called ‘broadcast’ connection. The software could also be run on the Display PC.

Picture 1: EyeLink 1000 Plus setup

Highlights of g.EYEtracking Interface for Simulink

  • acquire binocular gaze position and gaze diameter data of the SR EyeLink 1000 plus
  • acquire at 250, 500 or 1000 Hz sample rate
  • low latency: < 3ms (gaze detection @ Host PC– data available in Simulink)
  • simultaneous data acquisition of biosignal using g.HIamp or g.USBamp
  • analysis of EEG and eye-tracker data in MATLAB Simulink

Picture 2: EyeLink Data viewer can be used for viewing, filtering, and processing gaze data recorded with EyeLink eye tracker.

g.Nautilus dry or gel-based wireless EEG can be used with SR Research EyeLink 1000 plus eye trackers. The EyeLink 1000 plus system samples the gaze at a sampling rate of 1000 Hz (see SR Research homepage for further information).

Picture 3: g.Nautilus wireless EEG system