Brain Tweakers won Gold in the BCI Race at Cybathlon 2016

The Cybathlon took place on October 8th, 2016 at the ETH Zurich where people with disabilities competed side by side at the Brain-Computer Interface Race (BCI Race).

bci-race-2016-finalPhoto: SRF

Pilot Poujouly Numa from the Team BrainTweakers won Gold in the BCI Race using his brain waves to control an avatar along a racetrack on a virtual train. The game is called “BrainRunners” and was especially developed for the Cybathlon’s BCI Race. The winner Poujouly Numa wore a g.GAMMAsys EEG cap mounted with g.LADYbird electrodes from g.tec.

“We feel really proud and happy to be the winners of the BCI race! This has been the best possible reward for all the hard work we have put in developing our system and training our pilots. The competition was a unique experience for all team members. The acquaintance with so many cutting-edge technologies in competitive, real-world conditions has been very impressive even for people working in science like us! Furthermore, the close interaction with the public and the media attention has been a great motivation-booster to keep on working with enthusiasm towards the next-generation of BCIs. Most importantly, the team-spirit and the very emotional relations that developed between us and our pilots since the beginning of our preparations and culminated during the tournament is something really special in a researcher’s life. I believe more initiatives like Cybathlon are the way to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art research and its applicability in end-users’ lives. Overall, it has been an experience we will never forget, and we sincerely hope that the idea will catch on and lead to a recurring event.”

– says Serafeim Perdikis, member of the team BrainTweakers. Read an interview with Serafim just before the Cybathlon 2016: BrainTweakers go Cybathlon 2016.

Watch the final BCI Race:

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brain-tweakers-poujouly-numa-winner-1Photo: SRF

bci-race-2016-final-3Photo: SRF

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